Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Great Physician at Work

The latest bone marrow biopsy results are in and reveal 99% of Jennifer's marrow as being donor marrow. The 1% that is showing up as her's could very well be from some of the bone getting into the sample when they drew, and the doctor sees no reason to be concerned about that 1%. Furthermore, there were no cancerous cells detected, and the doc has recently 'green-lighted' her to drive. After eight months of being dependent on someone else for transportation, this all-too-often-taken-for-granted freedom is a sweet release for Jen.

Please join us in praising God for these results. Again, they are direct evidence that the Great Physician is very much a part of Jen's treatment and healing. He has not left her side for one moment, and it is thrilling to see Him so actively at work through this positive news. We remember, though, had we gotten unfavorable news, He is still the Great Physician, still our loving Father, still our merciful Savior, and still our sovereign Lord. We do rejoice that He found it in her best interest and most glorifying to Himself to allow Jen to have what seems to be a successful transplant. We pray He will continue to heal her body and restore her health; that He will protect her major organs from graft vs. host disease; that He will continue to uphold her with His strong right hand. Thanks be to God for all of His goodness and mercy to us.


  1. Wonderful news! Love and pray for you often Jen. Hart and Whit

  2. Such great news! Praying daily for comfort, continued healing, and peace. Love you! cindy heilbronner

  3. Hi, Jen this is Mea if you are up to it please call me or have your sister give me a call I love you very much you are in my prayers my number is 615 977-4687 I would love to hear from you.
    Mea Ellis your friend. praying lost my phone lost your sisters info


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