Monday, August 6, 2012

Good, Not Great

Just a quick update. Jen had a follow up appointment to test how well her lungs were responding to the new meds last Thursday, August 2nd. The doc said lung function seems to be improving and for Jennifer to continue her breathing exercise class and to stay away from crowds due to an increased risk of infection. Both would only help to further the seeming improvement. Still, there are some reservations over the news as Jen described it being, "Good, not great."

Regardless, we are thankful for this good news and remain hopeful that God is using these meds to heal her lungs. Trusting that He continues to move and work on Jennifer's behalf and with His glory being top most priority.

Father, continue to use this for your glory. Inundate Jennifer's spirit with peace, joy, comfort and strength. Things that can only truly come from You, and things we can never be robbed of as long as we abide in You. Thank you for your perfect care.


  1. Good is better than worse :) still praying for you daily Jen!
    ~Whitney Pettit

  2. Think about you every single day, Jennifer!!!!!! Love you!!
    Sandra Landrum


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