Tuesday, October 18, 2011

And the 2011 homecoming queen is...

I cannot think of better news to post with this morning, after a week off, than: 


Last night was like Christmas Eve, and I could hardly sleep from the anticipation of having Jenny back. After riding a small roller coaster for the last several days, her numbers are now on the climb and the doctors feel comfortable about sending her home. She was excited this morning when I spoke with her, albeit a tad apprehensive about the transition, naturally. Please pray that the transition will be a smooth one, that she will be able to get some much needed rest, and that her body, mind and soul will be strengthened and restored during her week and a half long stay. After a week and a half of respite, she'll go back to the hospital for a week of consolidation therapy. The goal of consolidation therapy is to achieve a deeper level of remission. The therapy is about five days, with a seven day stay in the hospital all total. 

A Hymn of Thanksgiving, A Psalm of David

Lord, I will thank you with all my heart...
I will bow down facing your holy Temple,
and I will thank you for your love and loyalty.
You have made your name and your word
greater than anything.
On the day I called to you, you answered me.
You made me strong and brave...
Though the Lord is supreme,
he takes care of those who are humble...
Lord, you do everything for me.
Lord, your love continues forever.
Do not leave us, whom you made. 

Psalm 138

Praise the Lord. 


  1. Lauren, thanks for the news. Praise the Lord, I know Jennifer is ready to go home for at least a few days. Thinking of you all and praying daily. Love, Melinda Mc

  2. Woohoo!!!! Singing God's praise! Love, Kit:)

  3. Such wonderful news! Never underestimate the power of prayer. Congratulations on reaching this milestone.

  4. Hey Jennifer, Rose Anna here, just wanted you to know the Thursday morning bible study group from Destiny Worship Center in Destin Fl. follows your blog and we are some praying women of God. Last Thursday, Jennifer Bristol prayed for you and it was powerful, we are specific with requests as we see you are asking for. We will be praising and praying this Thursday that your counts are on the rise and you are going home for some refreshing time with family and friends. We thank our Father God for His blessings and Ms. Louise Smith our teacher leads by example: you can count on us, about 30 active ladies, to be faithful to pray and praise with you. Blessings Jennifer...

  5. What great news! Praise the Lord for answered prayers!!


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