Friday, October 28, 2011

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


She and Matt went in to Vandy this morning for a few appointments and received this wonderful news. Remission means there are no traceable blasts in her marrow. She texted, "I'm officially cancer-free!"

The blessings are raining down from Heaven!

Thank you, Lord, for your protection and provision. Thank you for being a Father we can trust in, no matter what the outcome. Thank You for holding our hands through the mountaintops and the valleys of life. Thank you for this exciting news! As in all things, let it be used for Your glory. You alone are worthy of all our praise and adoration!

The Vandy Verse:
(The Song of Moses)

I will sing to the Lord, because He is worthy of great honor...
The Lord gives me strength and makes me sing; he has saved me.
He is my God, and I will praise him.
He is the God of my fathers, and I will honor him.
The Lord is a warrior; the Lord is his name...
Your right hand, Lord, is amazingly strong.
Lord, your right hand broke the enemy to pieces.
In your great victory you destroyed those who were against you...
Are there any gods like you, Lord?
There are no gods like you.
You are wonderfully holy,
amazingly powerful,
a worker of miracles,
You reached out with your right hand,
and the earth swallowed our enemies.
You keep your loving promise
and lead the people you have saved.
With your strength you will guide them to your holy place...
You will lead your people and place them on your very own mountain,
the place that you, Lord, made for yourself to live,
the temple, Lord, that your hands have made.
The Lord will be king forever!

-Taken from Exodus, Chapter 15.


  1. Praise God, we serve a wonderful Lord. Jennifer I'm so excited for you! Still praying and thanking God for his amazing grace. Love to all, Melinda Mc

  2. Thank You, Jesus! All praise and glory to the awesome God we serve!

    Frances Cain-Bigby

  3. Can you say happy tears!? Billy and I continue to pray for you all. God is great!

  4. Praise The Lord!! Love~Kim & Jeannie


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