Tuesday, January 17, 2012

...In His Hands

He's got the whole world in His hands,
He's got the whole world in His hands,
He's got the whole world in His hands,
He's got the whole world in His hands.

Pretty simple. Pretty redundant. Pretty powerful stuff that little childhood song. I can remember singing that song with Jennifer when we were little. It's one of my all time favorites. Though I couldn't articulate this at age four, I loved the imagery it conjured up. I loved imagining crawling into His hands.... Sometimes, while singing, I'd get carried away and envision singing that song 'in His hands'.... Sometimes my imagination would have me laughing and playing 'in His hands'... Sometimes I'd be napping 'in His hands'.... It really didn't matter what I pictured myself doing; the common theme- I was IN HIS HANDS. Can't think of a better place to be. Even now as an adult, when I'm having a particulary rough time, I can crawl into bed at night and imagine that's where I am- in His hands. Pretty good sleep when that's the last thing you see in your mind's eye. And I love that verse that reminds us nothing can snatch us out of His hands. NOTHING.

Quick update on Jen... I don't have many details since I'm not in Nashville this week, and I haven't gotten a chance to speak with Jennifer directly. Mom did text this a few hours ago:

'Jen is doing well. No nausea yet, a little tired but still doing her walks in the hall. Just finished last round of chemo. Starts radiation tomorrow. Twice a day for 3 days. Hope all is well there.'

Then these texts from Jen via Mom:

'I've had a good bit of sinus pressure, but it is starting to get better. I could not eat because of it. I took my shower and some meds for it. We just finished eating.... ' 'Will you let Lauren know I couldn't talk earlier? I just can't talk right now. It hurts to move my mouth.'

This is it, "Crunch Time," so they say. They are cleaning house on Jen's cancer, and we are all praying fervently for God's hand to be upon her and her caregivers as she goes through this particularly grueling week. She is in the hospital currently, back on the 11th floor where she spent the better part of last September and October. We are hoping she will be moved to her old room, or at least one like it, soon. It was nice and roomy compared to the one she is in right now. Tomorrow is Day - 3. Counting up to Day 0, Saturday, Transplant Day. Then we will begin counting forward, and are hopeful Jen will get to come home around Day 21 or so, though we won't be alarmed if it's longer than that. We are so grateful to all of you for your concern and prayers and, "thank our God upon every remembrance of you."

Our prayer for Jennifer tonight:

Father God, You are a Mighty and Holy God we serve. Forgive us, for our service to You cannot be all that Your majesty deserves. Thank you that one day we will serve and praise You for all eternity in the way we were meant to, the way we were made to. Father, we put Jennifer in Your hands tonight. Your care and provision and love for her is more than we could ever manage to fathom. We are finite creatures trusting in an infinite and sovereign God. We cannot understand all that is going on right now but we can trust it is all part of Your perfect plan. We rest knowing that You will be glorified. Your glory should always be our utmost desire. Father, forgive us. For all too often, it is our glory we are concerned with. Thank you for Your patience and for Your unending, unconditional love for us. Thank You for this love that sent Your only Son to be our ransom paid. Father, hold Jennifer up through this trial. Keep her close to You. Calm her and give her Your Peace. Let her rest easy knowing the Great Physician is tending to her every need. Give her body and mind strength to endure this test. Give her confidence knowing You will be glorifiied through this; remembering that if it weren't for Your glory, all of this would be in vain. Father, walk with her into the radiation room tomorrow and let her be overwhelmed by Your presence there. Lord, protect her organs that could be potentially damaged. They will drop lead blocks in front of her lungs on Round 3. Father, it is my personal plea that You will put Your hands on those parts of her which need to be preserved for a baby one day. Your hands are more powerful than any lead block. After all, Your hands hold the whole world. And tonight, Father, we ask You to hold Jennifer and let her know in the deepest recesses of her soul- You will never let go and nothing can snatch her from Your grasp. You have got this all under control. Praise the Lord.

The Vandy Verse:
I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Father's hand. John 10:28-29

Somethin' for the Samples:
How your cards, phone calls, and blog messages encourage Jennifer! Please keep them coming! I do not have her address at the hospital yet but I do know if you send a card to her and Matt's home it will reach her promptly and safely. Here's their home address once again:

Jennifer Sample
7400 George Gaines Road
Nashville, TN 37221


  1. Jennifer, we're thinking and praying for you daily. Love to all, Melinda Mc

  2. Hey Jennifer! Paxton, Ace, and I love you! You are in our prayers everyday. Be strong and lean on God when your not. He will get you through this. Prayer warriors are here in Starkville for you. Lots of hugs and kisses from us!

  3. In our prayers day & night~~We love you! Hope you got the little surpise Kim sent you!

  4. Hey Jen!

    Hope you're doing ok! Ben and I are always thinking of you and Matt. Stay strong! Love, Meghan


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