Wednesday, January 25, 2012

From Mom...

Jen has had two walks today and has been her same cheerful sweet little self. She claims that Mattie and I gang up on her about her walks but really she knows we are taking good care of her. She is eating very little, she is on TPN -only what she thinks would taste good and not be irritating to her system. She likes to play scrabble on the iPad but the Vandy wifi was not cooperating this morning so we had a crochet lesson and made a granny square. When I talked to her a few minutes ago she was crocheting so she will probably be turning out afghans soon - you may want to go ahead and put an order in. God has been most gracious and our precious is doing fine right now - her voice is strong and sweet and her eyes are bright and smiling.

Prayerful Ponderings:
Jennifer contracted c.diff (a gastrointestinal infection)over the weekend that is clearing. Praise the Lord. She is getting extra nourishment thru IV. Please pray that she continues to feel well and that she finds herself strengthened and energized with each day. Signs of Graft-vs-Host disease should start to appear within 7 to 14 days of the transplant. Please pray that these symptoms will be minimal or, even better, nonexistent. Join us in praising the Lord for wonderful caregivers and that He has been so very faithful thus far and we are confident He will continue to be.


  1. I can't get over Jennifer's emotional strength. She is the bravest person I've ever known. I just feel she will get stronger and stronger over the next weeks. I'm praying for no setbacks and continued progress. Matt, you hang in there too. I keep you both in my prayers and can't wait until the day comes that I get to see you again.
    Love, Priscilla

  2. Please tell Jennifer, we are thinking of her and hope all goes well. We will keep all of you in our prayers. Even though I do not get to see you guys very much I still think of yall as my girls. I still tell stories of babysitting you and cooking and just having fun. Those are some very fond memories for me and I will cherish them forever. Love to all of you, Julie Ballard Johnson

  3. Wonderful, to hear Jennifer is doing well. I pray she will continue to get stronger. Love to all, Melinda Mc.

  4. You are in my prayers EVERY day. So glad to hear everything is progressing well.

  5. In my prayers~night & day. I might not write every day~but I am so thankful for this blog to keep up with you and how things are going. Stay brave sweet girl!
    Love, Jeannie


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