Saturday, September 24, 2011

And Now a Message from Eli and Sullie

Here's a cute video of our brother-in-law Eli and his and Lindsey's dog Sullie. Sullie was a shelter dog Lindsey got two Christmases ago because the description on his kennel read: Sweet and quiet. She thought, "Hmmm...sounds like me. It'll be a good match." Well, truth be told, Sullie is anything but sweet and quiet. He is such a rascal, so boisterous, and loves Eli! They live on a great piece of land with five ponds out in the country. It's dog paradise! As all four dogs would attest to could they talk! But of the four dogs, Sullie is the one who's always at his dad's heels ready for the next you can see in the video. Looks like Eli's got his hands full!


  1. Lauren,

    If necessary, I will gladly get tested for a bone marrow match. However, I am completely ignorant of how to go about this process. If you think this is needed, please email me at or send me a facebook message.


  2. Here is information on Bone Marrow Testing below.

    Jennifer Smith


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